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Pst paper today 24sep2021

 PST paper today 14-09-2021

Pdf paper will b updated as soon as possible

Questions PST 24-09-2021

Wen makkah was conquered???
How many muslim soldiers in ghazwae tabuk???
5th ismlic month….
How many chapters in bhagwat geeta? 18
Name of father of hazarat musa? Imraan
Gods most favrt nation who declare themselves? Jews
10 last chapters of hazrat musa book are about?????
Which prophet was not in ulul azam????
Which this is most important for
 goverment??? Parliament
2nd peiminsters of pakistan is?khuwaja nazmudin
Pakistan k sab ain kis qardarrdad k roo se heb???? Qarardade maqasaid
American president qoute question
Which religion is non sami relition???hindu mat
What happens wen little acid is mixed in water???
Symbol of copper is
Formula of sand molecule??
 Movement in plants???
Blood circulation question…..
Quality of the basis…..
How many foot in one meter??? 


مضمون آيل هيو
حرف جر
زمان ماضي بعيد
ضمير جا قسم
سڀاءُ لفظ
English Lession
Ratio of 7:3


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