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As quickly as pdf of paper is organized it’ll b uploaded in this hyperlink right here until then those todays questions are given


As quickly as pdf of paper is organized it’ll b uploaded in this hyperlink right here until then those todays questions are given

19-9-2021 Some PST questions

1. Quaid i Azam did his Law from?
2. Pakistan resolution was presented in?
3. 2nd OIC was held in which city?
4. capital of Malaysia?
5. .2kg = …….mg
6. Which is not part of digestive system?
7. Sight …Synonym.
8. Prophet Muhammad was born in which city?
9. Scene …. Synonym
10. What is title of Paragraph
11. Difference… antonym ……
12. Jang e Khandak is also called…
13. Space occupied by an object is called ( Maths- Geometry)
1Q 2sre oic conference kaha hoe
2Q Sij ja kirna ketre time kha poa dharte te pounchanda aahen
3 pakistan je sub kha wade chote kehre aahe
4pakistan jo wado foji azaz kehro aahe
5 pakistan jo qomi gul kehro aahe
6 pakistan jo qomi deh kehro aahe
7 parn sagoro kithe paida thiyou
8 madine jo purano naalo
9 America jo kehro sadar diyanatdari m mashoor huyo

mother tongue

Sindhi mn paragraph, malh ملهه ty,
Una ja questions ta he ebarat kehri aa
2nd paragraph malakhrooo
malh nd malakharo Dono mn deference batana tha
Hurf nida gohlyeo
ilam nabatat sha khe chaebo aahe
Correct the sentence budhyuoo sindhi mn
Fail lazmi & hurf nida
Allama daud poto sha je ilam jo mahir huyo
ikhlaqiat jo mahir keh khe chayou wendo aahe

Sindho Doll
1:ننڍڙا ´مٺڙا` سهڻا ٻار.
مٿين جملي ۾ مٺڙا……آھي؟
اسم ذات
اسم تصغير
اسم مفعول
2:اوهانجي مرضي ´مگر` ملڻ بي حد ضروري آھي. مٿين جملي ۾ مگر……آھي؟
حرف جملو
حرف جر حالت مفعولي
3:´جيتوڻيڪ`مان هارائيندس تہ مقابلو ضرور ڪندس؟ ھتي جيتوڻيڪ آھي؟
حالت جري
حرف جملو 
حرف جر
4:´جيڪڏهن` اوهانجو واعدو پورو نه ٿيو ته  اسان تي معيارون نه ڏجو. مٿين جملي ۾ لفظ جيڪڏهن …..آھي؟
حالت جري 
حرف جملو 
حرف جر
5:اوهان ´ساڻ` الله پڄندو.  هتي لفظ ساڻ آھي؟ 
حرف جر 
حرف جملو
ڪوبه نه
6:انور شينهن جهڙو طاقتور آھي. هن جملي ۾ وجه شبيھ ڳوليو.
7:احمد اهڙو سهڻو آھي جهڙو چنڍ. هن جملي ۾ مبشھ به ڳوليو.
8:نيٺ ته ڍهندي ڪيسين رهندي. هن جملي ۾ لفظ نيٺ ۽ ڪيسين آھن؟
9:´ڪنهن ڪنهن` ماڻهو منجه اچي بوءَ بهار جي. هتي ڪنهن ڪنهن لفظ آھي؟
ضمير تصغير
ضمير مشترڪ
ضمير متصل
 10: لفظ کيم؛ کين؛ کيس ۽کائن آھن.
ضمير مبهم 
ضمير متصل
ضمير مشترڪ

جيتوڻيڪ جو مقصد…..؟ ان ھوندی بہ

قردار پاڪستان ڪڏهن پيش ٿي
سکر واري تي ٽوٽل ڪيترو خرچ ٿيون هيون
هوش محمد شيدي ڪهڙي ٽالپڙ جو ملازم هيون
پهريون خليفو ڪهڙو هيون
ٿرما ميٽر گهڻڻ قسمن جا ٿين ٿا
پاڻي جو فارمولو ڇا اهي
ٽيلوزن ڪنهن ايجاد ڪئي
پهريون ائٽمي بم جو ڪامياب تجربو ڪهڙي ملڪ ڪيون
گهڙيال ڪنهن ايجاد ڪيون


Ratio kay questions maths mn,
Binary 111 Change into decimal
smallest natural number is……
angle which is less than 90° is called……
 Space occupied by an object is called 

*Price of 5 books is 50.75 what would be the price of one book 10.15.
*0.2KG is equal to 
Find the value of (x+y)


Formula of jamseen?
arths gravity how much time greater than moons gravity…..1/6 or 6
Duration light takes to reach earth?
Thread like structure is called
Helium ka FOPRMULA
Which of the not following the liver? Hcl
Formula of glucose?
Thread like structure in cell
Which gas is necessary for photosynthes?
*Diaphragm of microscope is called
Who invent pulley and lever?

islamiyat/GK & PAK STUDY

Who invented television ?
2nd Islamic conference held in which city
*Highest military award of Pakistan
National flower of Pakistan
Honest president of America
*Highest peak of Pakistan
قراردادِ پاکستان کب منظور ہوئی
Allama daud pota kehry ilam mn mashoor ho?

Besakii kab celebrate karty hn?….
Hazarat Mohammad s. a. w. w kis city mn paida hwe
National plant?
Quaid e azam na law ki talem kha sa hasil ki?

Pst Recent Paper 20sept 2021 pst STS IBA or NTS

You can Find Recent sts nts IBA
test for number one university trainer pst Junior university trainer pst jst paper of 20 sept 2021
beyond papers solved 2021
test papers 2021
IBA Sukkur PST Sample PAPER
beyond papers pdf
STS Solved
beyond Papers
beyond papers Sindh 2021 17TH Sept
beyond papers
For your Kind Information.
Sindh’s Ministry of Education and School Literature has
added JEST and PST 2021 vacancies to fill trainer vacancies in Sindh public schools. In March 2021, the vacancies for primary college teachers in Sindh and Sindh in 2021 had been added. The very last day to apply online for PST and JEST jobs in Sindh is March 26, 2021. STS is answerable for taking the written test for the 2021 JEST and PST jobs.
The JEST and PST JObs written
test will
function over 04 Lac candidates.
Sindh PST and JEST Jobs 2021 announce written
test date. STS PST Jobs 2021 written test at Sindh
will take
region at the give up of September 2021

No candidate can be allowed to appear indoors detail the test
No any request for
alternate of center can be can be entertained
Original CNIC & admit card/slip are obligatory
right of get right of entry to to in exam hall. No candidate can be allowed

without actual CNIC & admit card/slip.

Test Date No N.C/FIR and NADRA Token

can be everyday
not producing actual CNIC.

• No Mobile Phones, Purses, Calculators, Handsfree and incredible Electronic Gadgets NOT are allowed at check center
Stationery (Pen & Clipboard) will b allowed only

SOPs of COVID-19 will strictly be implemented
18 Sep 2021 Eligible candidates can download their Admit Cards Slips

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