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we tryihng hard to get pdf copy of paper so as quickly as pdf of paper is organized it’ll b uploaded in this hyperlink right here until then those todays questions are given

As quickly as pdf of paper is arrangedb it’ll b uploaded in this hyperlink right here until then those todays questions are given

21-9-2021 Some PST questions

Sun is —–+
Star, planet.
Injeel was revealed on
President of iran
Integers in maths
Istelah questions in Sindhi
20, 32. 30, 24 , temporary and permanent teeth

*Hazrat Mosa ka naam kitney dafa aya hai quran mein
*First haj kisney kea
*Injeel kis pey nazil hui
*Iran ka sadar kon hai
*Green represents what in pakistan flag
*Color of flag of people’s republic of china
Classroom microscope is designed by
Liquid into Solid and melting is process of
*No of Primary and permanent teeth

1-How many times name of Prophet moosa repeated in Quran?
2-from which Prophet hajj started?
3-dewali means?
What is vertex?
Law of inertia?
Profit loss?
Injil kis nabi py nazil hui?
Pakistan ka flag kisny bnaya?
China flag?
Flag main green color kisko show krta h?
Qiyas ka matlb?
Oldest mosque?
Faisl masjid main kitny log namaz parh sakty hy ik time main?
Nabi pak ny macca kab hijrat ki?
Alaw ki zid?
Reward ki synonyms?
Enjeal Kis nabi per nazil Howe …
iran ka porana nam ….
Hazrat mosa ka nam Quran m kitney dafa aya hl..
konsey nabi ney metaj ki rat namazrn Kam kerwaney ka mashwara deya

Quran majid me Hazrat musa ka zikar kitni martaba aya hy?
Noreez tehwar kab manaya jata hy?
Dewali k kia mainy hein?
Sub sy purani masjid kon c hy?
Moen jo daro k log kis k sath tijarat krty thy?
Capacity of badshahi mosque?
Who invented laboratory.microscope?
Antarctica is in which pole?
1. Classroom microscope invented by—
2. Sun is a star
3. Area of parallelogram
4. Parameter of square
5. Solid into liquid known as melting point
6. Centriole are non membranous bound organelle involve in reproduction
7. Digestion definition
8. Math— profit loss problem
9 percentage problems
10. Percentage of angle was given, find values of angles ( 45% 60% of 90)
11. Which is not a covering of alimentary canal?
12. Oldest masjid?
13. Injeel book— hazrat esa

Empires of moen jo daro had trade with?
Year of hijrah?

paper questions as received

Pst Recent Paper 21sept 2021 pst STS IBA or NTS

You can Find Recent sts nts IBA take a look at for primary college instructor pst Junior college instructor pst jst paper of 21 sept 2021
past papers solved 2021
take a look at papers 2021
IBA Sukkur PST Sample PAPER
past papers pdf
STS Solved
past Papers
past papers Sindh 2021 17TH Sept
past papers
For your Kind Information.
Sindh’s Ministry of Education and School Literature has
delivered JEST and PST 2021 vacancies to fill instructor vacancies in Sindh public schools. In March 2021, the vacancies for number one university instructors in Sindh and Sindh in 2021 have been delivered. The final day to use on line for PST and JEST jobs in Sindh is March 26, 2021. STS is chargeable for taking the written take a look at for the 2021 JEST and PST jobs.
The JEST and PST JObs written
take a look at will
characteristic over 04 Lac applicants.
Sindh PST and JEST Jobs 2021 announce written
take a look at date. STS PST Jobbs 2021 written take a look at at Sindh
will take
vicinity on the surrender of September 2021

No candidate

may be allowed to seem interior element the take a look at
No any request for
change of middle may be may be entertained
Original CNIC & admit card/slip are obligatory
proper of get proper of access to to in examination hall. No candidate may be allowed

with out real CNIC & admit card/slip.

Test Date No N.C/FIR and NADRA Token may be everyday
now no longer generating real CNIC.

• No Mobile Phones, Purses, Calculators, Handsfree and

top notch Electronic Gadgets NOT are allowed at test middle
Stationery (Pen & Clipboard) will b allowed only

SOPs of COVID-19 will strictly be implemented
18 Sep 2021 Eligible applicants can down load their Admit Cards Slips

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