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Today pst papr 23sep22

Pst Paper today 23-09-2021

 Today’s Test Questions

PDF format will b uplaoded soon

Todays Questions 23-09-201

1. Where is Deosai National Park..??

2. Multan-Sukkur motorway called??

 3. Area of Shaded region of circle??

4. Which city of Pakistan Is Manchestar??

5. 600 rupya aahin hik boy 100 khanya ta bhyo ganha khanado??

6, Gautam budha was born at?

7. What is the average weight of human heart.?300 grams 

8. Who was the writer of Aab_i_Hayat.?

9. Convert 2/4 into percentage

10. China ji currency i..

11. 1947 khy Roman me likho

12. Pakistan’s national Bird

13. how many colours are in Irani flag..??

14. Formula of Force??

15. which vitamin is in milk??

16Gears can except,

17. Stomata present in leav jies help the plant in? Transportation


18. Pakistan flag designed in White green parts because of.l? Muslim independence

19. Who invaded Sindh in 1026? Ghaznavi

20Islamabad became capital in


21. Milk measure in ? Lactometer 

22. Gawadar purchased from? Oman 

23. What device convert chemical energy into mechanical ? 

24Minora fort built during

25. Which gas present in atmospheric in huge quantit? Nitrogen 

26.7th Islamic month? Rajab

27. Sound enters in ear

28. 19 given name by WHO

29. Ribosomes function ?

Today pst 23 September

1 Gutam budh Kehri Mulk M Paida Thiyo

2 Maliki Qabrustan M Kehr Dafan Thiyal hin

3 Pakistan Qawadr Kehri Mulk Khon Khred Kayo

4 PAKISTAN ka Qumi Bird Kon Konsa Tha

5 Or Ruman number M Kitne Lafz Hn

6 multan or sukkur Road Konci Hai? M5

7 Opened  ka synonyms

8 Manchester City kon sa h Pakistan ka? 

9 Islamic Calandar 7 month konsa h 

10 outer ear called ear canal.

اڄ جا آيل سوال؟ 23 September

١ـ اسلام جي پراڻي مسجد ڪھڙي آهي 

٢ـ ايران جو پراڻو نالو ڇا ھو 

٣ـ مياني ڪنهن جو دور هو 

۴ـ حج جي شروعات ڪھڙي نبي کان ٿي 

۵ـ سنڌي الفابيٽ ۾ بنا ٽبڪن جي ڪيترا اکر آهن 

٦ـ معراج جي وقت نبي پاڪ جن ڪھڙي نبي سان ملاقات ڪعي

٧ـ ايران جو ھاڻوڪو صدر ڪير آهي 

٨ـ موھن جي دڙي جي ڪنهن سان واپاري تجارت ھعي

٩ـ ديوالي جو مطلب ڇا آهي 

١٠ـ اسلام جي پراڻي مسجد ڪھڙي آھي

١١ـ انجيل ڪھڙي نبي تي نازل ٿيو

اڄ جا pst ۾ آيل سوال


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