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Todays Pst Paper 25sep21

          Todays Pst Paper 25-09-2021                        

Here pdf version of the paper has been converted into images form nd upaloded for our viewrs

Questions of Todays PST PAPER

Qurani ayat Kitni hai,

89 ko Sindhi main kesay likhty hain

Covid19 ka sub say phalay patient Kahan tha

Japan ki currency

Sub say bara ocean,

river Indus Kahan say behta huwa ata hai


1. Currency of Japan

2. Total Ayats in Quran

3. Where isHeadquarter of Transparency International

4.Where is Headquarter of Pakistan Neavy

5.NATO is Alliance of…

6. Injeel Kis Nabi Par Nazil Huwa

7. Rooh ul Qusood and Rooh ul Ameen is tittle of…

8. Closet planet to Sun…

9.Konsa Malaik Message Pohnchata he


Anjeel kis pr nazal hue?
Light year is the unit of?
Nato konsi force h
Pakistan ka samander lahaz sy kitny arazi hTODAY PST MCQS 25/09/2021

پاڪستان نيوي ھيڊ ڪوارٽر ڪٿي آهي

روح القدس ۽ روح الامين ڪھڙي فرشتي کي چوندا آهن

حضور سائين تي وحي ڪير آڻيندو ھو

پاڪستان جو ٽائيم GMT کان ڪيترو اڳتي آھي

قرآن مجيد ۾ آيتون ڪيتريون آھن

اعجاز اکر لکيا. جو مفعولي حالت

نڪتو لفظ جي معني 0، ٽٻڪو، ڍور جي منھن جو ڇڪو، اھم ڳالهه

بنيادي رنگ ڪھڙا آھن

چوديوارئ م ء ڇاکي ظاھر ڪري ٿو

روئداد جي معنيٰ


Y equal to

کٽڻھار جي معني

Indus river kaha se start hota he

Unit of light year is

How can we reduced gravitional force ?

Sky sees blue because

Meto is military

Wear Ka opposite

Opposite of traffic “jam”?

Transparency headquarter berlin

Different Ka Synonyms..

Synonym of Quickly…

General Knowledge 25-09-2021

1. Currency of Japan


2. Total Ayats in Quran


3. Where isHeadquarter of Transparency International

Berlin, Germany

4.Where is Headquarter of Pakistan Neavy


5.NATO is Alliance of…


6. Injeel Kis Nabi Par Nazil Huwa

Hazrat Issa A.S

7. Rooh ul Qusood and Rooh ul Ameen is tittle of…

Hazrat Jibraeel A..S

8. Closet planet to Sun…


9.Konsa Malaik Message Pohnchata he

Hazrat Jibraeel A.S

10. Pakistan Coastline


11. COVID-19 originated in China in


12. Indus River originates from


13. Largest ocean


According to our reassets those dates will b introduced and performed withinside the closing week of September if film conditions remained ordinary withinside the province.

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Sindh’s Ministry of Education and School Knowledge has introduced JEST and PST 2021 vacancies to fill instructor vacancies in Sindh public schools. In March 2021, the hiring of the 2021 Primary School Teacher in Sindh and the recruitment of the Secondary School Teacher in Sindh had been introduced. The closing day to use on-line for PST and JEST jobs in Sindh is March 26, 2021. STS is answerable for taking the written check for the 2021 JEST and PST jobs. The JEST and PST JObs written check will characteristic over 04 Lac applicants. Sindh PST and JEST Jobs 2021 Announced Written Test Date STS PST Jobs 2021 The Sindh Written Test will take region on the cease of September 2021. on social media, in print and electronically. d PST employment facts turned into uploaded to the Sindh Provincial Department of Education till 2021. Job placement checks for JEST and PST 2021 have additionally been performed. Approximately 1.50,000 applicants need to take the JEST and Sindh 2021 PST written task check.

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