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HST SST written test format and Syllabus

HST SST written test format and Syllabus

The Format of the Written Test for HST/SSTs. Assessment of content knowledge in relevant subjects

HST SST written test format and Syllabus




Science Subjects. Compulsory subjects. & General / Humanities.


b) Assessment of understanding of various pedagogies, instructional planning. Learning environment assessment


Question paper will be in three languages ie. Sindhi, Urdu and English


Minimum test score of 55%



The candidates who qualify written test and possess professional qualification will be awarded additional marks as under. (Subject to verification of Degrees)

  • Course Duration
  • Professional Qualification
  • Additional Marks to be allocated
  • BS Edu/B. Ed (Hon)
  • 02 Years (1 Year B. Ed+1 Year M. Ed) Two (02) Marks


(i) The Government aims to provide access to schooling to all children at their doorstep and to ensure implementation of Article 25-A. The induction of school specific teachers is the major step to address the challenges. During the last recruitment round, all vacant positions could not be fulfilled in Thana Bulla Khan, Kati Bander. Kharo Chhan. Nara and Saleh Pat because candidates from those areas could not pass their written test and other candidates could not he nducted due to policy restrictions.

Therefore, in order to fill in vacancies of teachers in LCs falling hard areas, the Divisional District Selection Committee may gradually reduce the qualifying test score of 55% of that particular hard area of the district up to minimum of 40% test score in case



Recruitment Policy for Teaching & Non-Teaching 2021 School Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh.


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