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current affairs December 2021

below are the main current affairs of December 2021

  1. Which country launches new camera satellite with 5m resolution? China
  • Global Environment and Climate Action Citizen Award is given to how many people   28
  • Recently Japan launches which Communications Satellite? Inmarsat-6 F1

  • Recently which country issued its first civil marriage licence for a non Muslim couple? UAE

  • Who is sworn is as federal minister for finance and revenue for a 2nd time during the year? Shaukat Tarin

  • When NASA will launch Psyche mission? August 2022
  • International Day of Epidemic Preparedness observed on Dec 27 by? UNO
  • G7 foreign ministers meeting hosted by which country in December 2021 Liverpool
  • James Webb Space Telescope the world most powerful telescope blasted off into orbit on? 25 Dec 2021

  1. In the first phase of local Govt elections in KPK which party won most number of seats? JUI-F
  1. Mens Asian Hockey Champions Trophy 2021 won by? South Korea

  1. Which country court fines Alphabets Google $98 million for not deleting banned content? Russia
  1. Which country launched The World first dual-mode vehicle? Japan
  1. Who won 2021 BWF World championship? Loh Kean Yew

  1. Gabriel Boric elected as youngest ever President of? Chile

  1. To boost trade between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey Freight train service is inaugurated on? 22 Dec 2021

  1. BWF World Championships 2021 happened from 12-19 Dec in? Spain

  1. Karl Nehammer sworn in as Chancellor of which country? Austria
  1. __ becomes first European country to approve cannabis for personal use  Malta

  • Most searched sportsman in 2021 by Pakistan on Google is? Shoaib Malik
  • OIC Summit 2021 held from 17 to 19 December in  Islamabad

  • 2021 Men’s Asian Champions Trophy is scheduled on?14 to 22 Dec 2021
  • 2021 Men’s Hockey Asian Champions Trophy is hosted by which country? Bangladesh

  • Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix race 2021 won by? Max Verstappen

  • International Tea day celebrated on? 15 Dec

  • First confirmed case of Omicron variant reported in Pakistan on?13 Dec 2021
  • Omicron variant first discovered on? 24 Nov 2021

  • Who is named as Person of the Year according to Times 2021 Magazine? Elon Musk
  • ___ has become the world first paperless Govt   Dubai
  • World Talent Ranking Report published on? 9 Dec 2021

  • Which continent dominates the “World Talent Ranking Report”? Europe

  • Which Pakistani University is going to establish regional office in Afghanistan?

Allama Iqbal Open University

  • In which country same sex marriage became legal on 9 Dec 2021? Chile
  • How many countries have announced boycott of Beijing Summer Olympics 2022? 04
  • World inequality report 2022 is written by? Lucas Chancel

  • Where in Pakistan was the first suspected case of Omicron virus reported? Karachi
  • Olaf Scholz is sworn in as new chancellor of?  Germany
  • After how many year Germany gets new chancellor? 16

  • Who is the winner of Davis Cup 2021? Russian Tennis Federation
  • Which country become first to transition to 4-and-half day work per week   UAE

  • Which is the word of year 2021 according to Ally ship

  • Recently which country manager is murdered in Sialkot over alleged blasphemy

Sri Lanka

  • Which is the word of the year 2021 according to Cambridge Dictionary? Perseverance
  • UAE to buy 80 Rafale jets from France in __ billion.$18
  • Recently which cricketer becomes third in the world who takes 10 wickets in a single test inning? AY Patel

  • Which country will host OIC extraordinary session on 19th Dec 2021?Pakistan

  • China launched the first cross-border train of its multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) from?Loas

  • In 2021 most expensive city of world is?Tel Aviv
  • Recently which country elects its first new female Prime Minister?Sweden

  • Recently which company starts producing mobile phones in Pakistan? Samsung

  • Khushaal Watan platform launched in the country to digitally help the rural community and farmers. It is designed by?Telenor Pakistan
  • Caribbean island nation of Barbados becomes world __ republic. Newest

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