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What is Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership? Free trade agreement
How many member countries are there in Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)?15 countries
Which country is the worst passport in the world, according to Henley Passport Index 2022? Afghanistan
The Taliban government approved their first budget of ____ billion afghanis. 53.9 billion
Which country ranks top in the Henley Passport Index 2022?  Japan & Singapore
Who becomes the first African American woman to appear on US coin? Maya Angelou
When Taliban government approve its first budget since the Islamists returned to power in August? 12 January 2022
The Sea Dragon 22, the first multilateral anti-submarine exercise organized by which country?  United States
Which country recently fired a “hypersonic missile”, after its first test in September 2021? North Korea
Daniel Ortega’ sworn in as which country’s President, for his fourth consecutive term? Nicaragua
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas is the new Chief Economist of which institution?  International Monetary Fund
The new COVID strain named ‘Deltacron’ was identified originally in which country? Cyprus
Which ex-European Parliament president died on january 11, 2022? David Sassoli
On January 11, 2022, which country $308m additional aid for Afghanistan? United States
Which Tennis player won the Melbourne Summer Set ATP 250 event Title? Rafael Nadal
Which country won their first ATP Cup final on January 9, 2022? Canada
Which Asian Economy is set to ratify its membership of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in 2022? Indonesia
Who will replace Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, a Nigerian representative, when his second term as OPEC secretary-general ends July 2022. Haitham Al-Ghais
The first-ever Pig-to-human heart transplant, performed by a team led by a cardiothoracic surgeon, Named?  Bartley Griffith
Which country is facing unrest due to a sudden spike in fuel prices in January 2022? . Kazakhstan
Egyptian-Palestinian activist arrived in France on January 8, 2022, after release from Egypt, Named? Ramy Shaath
G7 2022 Summit will be held in which country?  Germany
Which country has ordered the closure of a mosque in the north of the country for six months because of ‘anti-Semitic’ remarks? France
Japan recently signed ‘Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA)’ with which country? Australia
Which country has officially banned ‘Conversion therapy’ which claims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity? Canada
Which country launched the ‘Simorgh’ satellite carrier rocket with research devices? Iran
Who is the current SCO Secretary-General? Zhang Ming
The first-ever Pig-to-human heart transplant was performed in the USA on January 7, 2022.
Who was the recipient of the pig’s heart? David Bennet sr.
Which South-American country is drafting a new Constitution? Chile
Recently, which country grants first ever official Coat of Arms featuring Masjid-e-Nabvi  UK
What is the name of the software application that used pictures of hundreds of Muslim women from social media without permission and was listed for ‘auction’ recently?
Bulli Bai
ho is the current Secretary General of Gulf Cooperation Council? . Nayef Falah Mubarak Al Hajraf
First case of ‘Florona’ detected in which country? Israel
Nodirbek Abdusattorov, the youngest ever World Rapid Chess champion, is from which country? Uzbekistan
The area of the Khurnak Fort is disputed by India and China, and is under the control of which country? China
What is the name of the annual meteor shower, which is active during January? Quadrantids
Which global association/body recently released a statement with a view to avoiding nuclear war? UNSC
Which company becomes first to hit $3 trillion market value on January 3 2022? Apple
When is the ‘World Braille Day’ observed every year? January
J-10C is a ____ generation multirole fighter jets 4.5 generation
J-10C Chinese multirole fighter jets made by which company?
. Chengdu Aircraft Corporation
According to the wall street journal, the US spent ____ dollars on wars In last 20 years $14 trillion
Abdalla Hamdok, who announced his resignation recently, was the Prime Minister of which country?  Sudan
Tequila fish, which was declared extinct, has been reintroduced to which country? Mexico
Which Country holds the Presidency of European council from January 1, 2021?France
On January 1, 2022, which country ban on the use of plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables?  France
According to International Press Institute, a total of ____ journalists were killed the year 2021. 45
Which country won the Under-19 Asia Cup 2021? India
The RCEP trade pact took effect on: 1 January 2022
53. Name of lady who becomes Pakistan first transgender doctor? Sarah Gill
54. Who is going to buy video game company Activision Blizzard in $68.7-bn? Microsoft
55. South Africa Launches 1st ‘made In Africa’ Satellites on? 13 Jan 2022
56. Pakistan first ever digital city launched in? Haripur
57. Daniel Ortega sworn in as President of Nicaragua for? 5th term
58. When PM Imran Khan launches Pakistan’s first-ever National Security Policy?
14 Jan 2022
59. First environmental laboratory in Balochistan will be set up in?
Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences
60. Which Pakistani bank wins global award for islamic banking? State Bank of Pakistan
61. ATP Cup tennis 2022 was won by Canada
62. Which Airport ranks first in Global List for ‘On-Time Performance’ of the year 2021?
Miami Airport (United States)
63. Where first time a pig heart has been implanted in a human? USA
64. __ appoints Kuwait’s Haitham Al Ghais as new secretary general.
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
65. Who is nominated as first female judge for Pakistan supreme court?
Justice Ayesha Malik
66. Oldest US veteran of WWII, Lawrence N. Brooks, dies at?  112
67. Who is named as most valueable cricketer of the year 2021 by the PCB?
Muhammad Rizwan
68. Japan and Australia signed a defense agreement on?  06 Jan 2022
69. Which country will take the EU Presidency after France?  Czech Republic
70. First Islamabad-Istanbul train reaches Turkey on? 03 January 2022
71. Fire ravages historic 138-year-old Parliament of? South Africa
72. World longest Metro line opened in? China
73. __ opens embassy in Nicaragua after nation breaks ties with Taiwan.China
74. World longest Shanghai Metro Network inaugurated on 31 Dec 2021. What is its length? 831 Km
75. Which country launched 5-year plan to become a hub of world robotics innovation? China
E.O Wilson died on 26 Dec 2021. He was pioneer in the field of? Sociology
77. Pakistan buys how many China-made J10C fighter jets? 25
78. The Badri 313 Battalion is an elite military unit of which country? Afghanistan
79. Who is appointed the accountability and interior adviser of PM Imran Khan on 26 January, 2022? Musaddiq Abbasi
Who is the Current Chairman Of HEC ? Dr Tariq Banuri
The _________ government has signed memorandums of understandings (MoUs) with 44 foreign investment companies Attracts $8 Billion Investment at Dubai International Expo-2020 on January 16, 2022?  KP 
Pakistan ranked ________ among TB high-burden countries? 5th.
Which two countries are claiming ‘Senkaku Island’ Group located in the East China Sea? Japan and China
Which country launched the ‘Better Health Smoke-Free’ campaign? UK
Which neighbouring country of India has formed a ‘Hindu Temple Management Committee’?  Pakistan
86. What was the age of patient that had a pig heart transplant for the first time? 57
87. Australian Open 2022 men’s single title won by?  Rafael Nadal
88. Australian Open 2022 women’s single title won by?  A. Barty
89. World’s-largest canal lock unveiled in? Netherlands
90. Russia population decline by more than ___ million people in 2021 .01
91. Who is the current Special Assistant to the PM on Accountability and Interior? Musaddiq Abbasi
92. Which Pakistani women cricketer had been named emerging cricketer of the year 2021? Fatima Sana
93. How many citizens killed over blasphemy allegations since 1947 in Pakistan? 89
94. The federal cabinet on January 25, 2022 approved the allocation of Rs ____ for conducting of 7th national population census in the country.  Rs5 billion
95. What is the rank of Pakistan in Transparency International’s corruption perception index (CPI) 2021? 140
96. When bomb blast took place in Pan Mandi in Lahore Anarkali area? January 20, 2022                         
97. Who claims the responsibility for the Lahore Anarkali market blast that took place in January 2022?  Baloch Nationalist Army
98. The second phase of KP local body elections will be held on:  March 27, 2022
99. A British-Belgian teenager became the youngest woman to fly solo around the world, Named?  Zara Rutherford
100.  Who has been named as captain of ICC Men’s ODI Team of the Year 2021?
Babar Azam
101.  What is the rank of Pakistan in Global Firepower Index 2022? 9th
102.  Google pays tribute to late activist Perween Rahman with a doodle on her ____ birthday .65th
103.  Which country ranks top in Global Firepower Index 2022? United States
104.  Who is the current President of the European Parliament?  Roberta Metsola
105.  Which country hosting the AFC Women’s Football Asia Cup 2022?  India
106.  Which Pakistani boxer won Arabian Sea Championship Title?  Muzafar Khan
107.  World’s-largest canal lock unveiled in  Netherlands
108.  Russia population decline by more than ___ million people in 2021.   01
109.  Study about evidence of water on Moon published on?  08 Jan 2022
110.  Average global temperature in 2021 was?  2 and 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit.
111.  Pakistan ranks at which place in the list of corruption perception index 2021?  140
112.  Which company is going to launch World most powerful supercomputers? Meta(Facebook)
113.  Chinese Olympics will be begin from?  04 Feb 2022
114.  When Justice Ayesha Malik takes oath as first female judge of Supreme Court? 24 Jan 2022
115.  Who is named as ICC men T20I cricketer of the year for 2021?Muhammad Rizwan
116.  Justice Ayesha Malik becomes first woman judge of __ of Pakistan.  Supreme Court of Pakistan
117.  World War II aircraft found after 77 years in?  Himalayas
118.  According to ILO Global unemployment to reach __ million in 2022. 207
119.  Saturnino de la Fuente said to be world’s oldest man, dies at 112. He was from? Spain
120.  Indonesia passes law to relocate capital from Jakarta to? Remote Borneo
121.  Who is going to buy video game company Activision Blizzard in $68.7-bn?  Microsoft
Who Won Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy 2021?Shaheen Shah Afridi




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